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We’ve moved!! #getWelli

You can now find all of my deliciously healthy recipes and insights at Welli – where wellness and innovation combine to restore our health in the most delicious and cutting-edge ways…. #getWelli

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  Asian Kale Slaw & Healing Herbs

 Some of us, myself included, can admit we do not have green thumbs. However, healing herbs are some of the easiest things to grow at home and provide great relief to some common ailments. No large space or full garden required, and you’ll be able to pick fresh herbs daily for all of your juices, smoothies,… Continue reading   Asian Kale Slaw & Healing Herbs

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Thyroid Imbalance & Yummy Food

What is the thyroid? I hear a lot of people, mostly women, say they have a problem with their thyroid but feel helpless when it comes to correcting this imbalance. What is the thyroid? A butterfly-shaped gland in the center of your neck, the thyroid is the master gland of your endocrine system. It’s a regulator… Continue reading Thyroid Imbalance & Yummy Food

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What’s the deal with Paleo?

So many people are talking about the Paleo diet… but why? We hear things like “you’ll lose weight” , “you’ll feel better”, and even, “you’ll heal any disease or ailment you might have.” But is Paleo really the ideal diet? I’m not trying to convince you that it’s the best diet (I don’t follow it myself).… Continue reading What’s the deal with Paleo?

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Sweet Onion Rosemary Focaccia Bread

It seems a lot of people are dabbling with the idea of going gluten free, and I fully support that! The reasons for giving up gluten vary from person to person. Some people exhibit a physical reaction to gluten like gas, bloating , diarrhea, constipation, vomiting and more. Still others exhibit lesser known symptoms including… Continue reading Sweet Onion Rosemary Focaccia Bread

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Rosemary Beet Hummus

“We got the beet”!  Why? Because not only are beets delicious, but they’re good for you, too!  Beets are packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, digestion supporting fiber, and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Looking to detox? Beets help to cleanse your liver, kidneys and pancreas, working to reduce the “bad” cholesterol, and regulate your… Continue reading Rosemary Beet Hummus

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A Doughnut a Day for Better Health?

Are you getting bored with your usual breakfast routine? Are you really craving the coffee and doughnuts you gave up? Doughnuts are ridiculously unhealthy right?… unless of course, you up the wellness factor with a little innovation and plantains! On the outside, plantains may look like a larger banana, and you’re not far off. But… Continue reading A Doughnut a Day for Better Health?