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We’ve moved!! #getWelli

You can now find all of my deliciously healthy recipes and insights at Welli – where wellness and innovation combine to restore our health in the most delicious and cutting-edge ways…. #getWelli

Beverages · Dairy Free · Gluten Free · Grain Free · Gut Health · paleo · Vegan

Are You Getting Enough Fat?

The FDA might still be a bit behind on the most recent science (Frosted Flakes healthier than avocados?), however, it’s now becoming widely accepted that good, high-quality fats are beneficial to your health. And though good sources of fat should be part of your healthy lifestyle, many of us still “fear the fat” and are missing… Continue reading Are You Getting Enough Fat?

Beverages · Dairy Free · Gluten Free · Grain Free · paleo · Vegan

A Matcha Latte & the Benefits of Green Tea

What Exactly is Matcha Green Tea? Matcha actually means “powdered tea.”  So when you order green tea at the local coffee shop, what you’re getting are the leaves that have been infused in hot water. Afterwards, you typically toss away the tea bag.  But when it comes to matcha, the leaves have been made into… Continue reading A Matcha Latte & the Benefits of Green Tea

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“PB&J” Smoothie & How to Have a Healthy Holiday

Cookies, egg nog, and candy canes galore! If you’re already starting to feel the holiday bulge coming on, here are four tips to ensure you have a happy and healthy Christmas! Drink Water – Not Only is water good for the body, it’s necessary for the brain, too! To figure out how much water you should… Continue reading “PB&J” Smoothie & How to Have a Healthy Holiday

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Chocolate Mango Smoothie

*Visit for all the pictures and links! Lately I feel like I’ve been getting lazy with my morning shakes and oatmeals. I’m guilty of relying heavily on “green” powders, protein powders and supplements. Maybe that’s why my skin and digestion have gone bonkers. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t hurt to focus on whole foods… Continue reading Chocolate Mango Smoothie

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Mocha Mint Milk Shake

Feeling inspired after having looked over some of my wonderful Whole Foods finds, I decided to revamp my Mint Shake.   Just a tweak here and there and you have a Mocha Mint Shake!  Not only do you get all that minty freshness but you get a little caffeine kick for those late night/early morning… Continue reading Mocha Mint Milk Shake

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Mint Shake

Are you familiar with McDonalds’ Shamrock Shake?   It’s green and refreshingly minty, it also 54 ingredients!!!!  Can you name them all?  What is it that makes it green?  I shudder a little when I think just how many of those I use to drink… oh well, live and learn… on to much better things!… Continue reading Mint Shake