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We’ve moved!! #getWelli

You can now find all of my deliciously healthy recipes and insights at Welli – where wellness and innovation combine to restore our health in the most delicious and cutting-edge ways…. #getWelli

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Should we all be Gluten free?

Some of you know my story. Ten years ago, I became very ill and doctors immediately wanted be to take various pharmaceuticals of which I am not a big fan (more on that reason to come). Instead, I found a doctor open to my more holistic lifestyle and he recommended I begin by removing gluten from… Continue reading Should we all be Gluten free?

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Final Thoughts on Entomophagy

Why is a plant-based health coach eating bugs? If you missed it, there are a lot of benefits that come from eating insects. Once you’ve gotten over the “ick factor,” entomophagy can greatly benefit your individual health, but more importantly, the health of our environment. Get comfortable with the idea of eating bugs because as of August 2015,… Continue reading Final Thoughts on Entomophagy

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What’s Bugging You?

So as a person that primarily eats a whole-food plant-based diet, I’ve recently began grappling with the idea of eating… wait for it… bugs! Now before you get grossed out, know that 2 Billion people on the planet eat bugs. For some, it’s even a delicacy.  Apparently of the more than 1,900 species that are… Continue reading What’s Bugging You?

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Sriracha Cheese Sauce

Hello there! Well it’s been over a month since I last posted!  Not to worry, though, I’ve still been busy as ever in the kitchen… oh and working on wedding plans!  That’s right, I’m engaged! So, again, sorry… I’m not sorry. Jim and I are now in full swing planning a wedding, working and working… Continue reading Sriracha Cheese Sauce

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Mocha Mint Milk Shake

Feeling inspired after having looked over some of my wonderful Whole Foods finds, I decided to revamp my Mint Shake.   Just a tweak here and there and you have a Mocha Mint Shake!  Not only do you get all that minty freshness but you get a little caffeine kick for those late night/early morning… Continue reading Mocha Mint Milk Shake

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Lovely New Things

Some girls love shopping.  There they are, 9:00am at Macy’s waiting for the doors to open, or venturing out on Black Friday to get those fabulous deals, or picking through every article of clothing on the rack.  I do not fall into this category, or at least when it comes to clothing shopping.   I… Continue reading Lovely New Things