Three Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs are Making

There’s no doubt we entrepreneurs are working long hours to try and achieve great success, but at what cost? There is a lot of stress that comes with running a successful (*fingers crossed*) business , but not taking care of your yourself and your health in particular can invite a lot more stress into your world. These are the three of the most common health mistakes I see my fellow entrepreneurs make on a regular basis.


#1. Not investing in sleep- We should aim to sleep 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Your body and your mind need that time to regenerate and heal. It’s during these restful hours that our bodies replace and replenish cells. These cells are needed not only to prevent degenerative diseases but to keep entrepreneurs working at their highest levels. And if that’s not convincing, just ask Arianna Huffington what it’s like to try and burn a candle at both ends. Her  TedTalk will certainly educate you on the importance of sleep.

#2. Decreased productivity due to lack of physical activity –  Many people have recently become aware of the fact that  working out probably won’t help you to lose weight  (you can’t outrun a Twinkie), but regular exercise does stimulate brain function! Aerobic exercise has been proven to strengthen memory,increase your concentration and improve your ability to learn… more knowledge equals more great ideas! And all that from only a few minutes of jogging around the block or a brisk walk around the town.IMG_9888

#3. Not fueling their think tanks with the right foods –  Those same entrepreneurs that don’t have time to sleep or exercise are the very same ones grabbing whatever soda, beer or bag of chips is laying around the office. Not only are these foods not the nourishment a healthy body needs, but they may actually have a detrimental effect on the health of your brain; your greatest asset as an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs certainly put great effort into whatever projects they’re working on, but there are foods that will actually improve the best feature, the brain! A little coconut oil in your coffee or a bag of walnuts at your desk are great foods for brain health with little to no fuss.

So you want to be successful? Get sleep, get moving, eat good food and you’re well on your way!


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