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Should we all be Gluten free?

Some of you know my story. Ten years ago, I became very ill and doctors immediately wanted be to take various pharmaceuticals of which I am not a big fan (more on that reason to come). Instead, I found a doctor open to my more holistic lifestyle and he recommended I begin by removing gluten from my diet. Wouldn’t you know it, my body finally began to recover! *thunderous applause*

bean there2It would appear that similar to 19,000 people in the world (and growing), I am also very sensitive to gluten. And while I have more of a physical reaction than most people, no one is able to digest gluten. That’s right, no one can digest the gluten protein found in wheat, barley and rye… That’s not just here say, it’s science. There is not a human protein digestive enzyme produced by the liver or pancreas that is able to break down gluten. But believe me, you’ll survive without it. I’m 10 years gluten free and going stronger than ever!

Blueberry Cream Pie

Aside from the fact that your body doesn’t digest it, it can actually “erode” your stomach. Similar to snake skin, your stomach linking also sheds. The more it has to work to shed or eliminate toxins such as gluten the more permeable it becomes. This is often referred to as leaky gut. The bigger issue with gluten is that it makes you vulnerable to, and accelerates in the development of, autoimmune diseases such as Crohns disease and Hashimoto disease. Gluten is also closely linked to ADD, ADHD, depression and thyroid disorders, as well as, Autism and Aspergers, even alzeimers. The list of diseases associated with gluten is lengthy to say the least, but then again, 90% of your immune system is in your gut, so it only stands to reason what you put in your gut can and will affect you.

veggie burger1So how much gluten is safe? None. Sorry, but no amount of gluten is good for you. BUT this is not a “death sentence” of any sort. There are plenty of products that are naturally gluten free, so you can still have your cake… or cookie or pizza… and eat it, too! In fact, all of my recipes (including those pictured) are gluten free!

Make a sandwich with yummy coconut butter!
Make a sandwich with yummy coconut butter!

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