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Final Thoughts on Entomophagy

Why is a plant-based health coach eating bugs? If you missed it, there are a lot of benefits that come from eating insects. Once you’ve gotten over the “ick factor,” entomophagy can greatly benefit your individual health, but more importantly, the health of our environment.

FullSizeRender (62)
Would you eat a Mint Cricket Cookie? There’s chocolate…..

Get comfortable with the idea of eating bugs because as of August 2015, our Earth is currently running on a deficit … How do we feed an ever booming population with a supply that is quickly running out? The answer is introducing biodiversity to our pantries and palates. And really, it’s not much of a stretch, I mean, we already eat honey (a product of bees).

cauli nuggets5
Are there bugs hiding in your produce?

Hundreds of bugs are unknowingly eaten by each individual in the country because those creepy, critters get caught in the produce and products we consume daily. You should also note, most red or pink foods have been dyed using ground bugs [have you had a yogurt or strawberries ‘n cream beverage from the nearby coffee shop?]. Two billion people around the world eat bugs, let’s get to it America!

bugs brownies
I promise you can’t taste the cricket but you do get plenty of protein.

If you’re vegan or plant-based, maybe you don’t seek out insects for your own health (but again, you are consuming them), perhaps you should encourage your carnivorous friends to make the switch. When people are eating bugs, animal suffering diminishes.  And for meat-eaters, rest assured, the protein available in insects is comparable to that of beef and other animal proteins.

Farming bugs, though, requires less land, water and natural resources when compared to the current cattle industry. Let’s begin to eat bugs, if not for our own health, but for the health of our world and for future generations.

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