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Chocolate Mango Smoothie

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Lately I feel like I’ve been getting lazy with my morning shakes and oatmeals. I’m guilty of relying heavily on “green” powders, protein powders and supplements. Maybe that’s why my skin and digestion have gone bonkers. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t hurt to focus on whole foods and produce for a bit.

Loving Peppermint SuperfoodMocha Mint ShakeDisney Cruise prep    Amazing Grass Green Superfood(great in moderation…)


This morning I made a chocolate mango smoothie without any of my favorite French vanilla (my favorite), chai, chocolate or coffee flavored mix-ins. And you know what? It was delicious! And of course, packed with real foods.


Chocolate Mango Smoothie
Chocolate Mango Smoothie

Chocolate Mango Smoothie
(Vegan, gluten free)


1 Banana
1(or 2) Handfuls of Spinach
1/2c frozen cauliflower
1/3c frozen sweet peas
1c (or more) cold coffee [I made it the night before and put it in the fridge. Your shake won’t taste like coffee but gives it a deeper chocolate taste.]
1/3 Mango
1-2T raw cacao powder
*optional: uncut stevia, maca powder, or feel free to sub coconut water for the coffee.

Place all of this goodness in a high powered blender and blend till smooth. Feel free to add more ice or liquid as you go!

This makes one ginormous serving! I poured half in a to-go-cup to drink with breakfast. The other half, I over some dry oats and placed it in the fridge. It’s going to make for a great lunch topped with dried blueberries and almonds!

I hope getting back to the basics will have my body back in check. Until then, have a great 4th of July everyone!

photo 2
Great job USA!
photo 3
I’m Germany all the way now. Not everyone has a dirndl, right?
photo 4
Go Germany! Prost!

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