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Lovely New Things

Some girls love shopping.  There they are, 9:00am at Macy’s waiting for the doors to open, or venturing out on Black Friday to get those fabulous deals, or picking through every article of clothing on the rack.  I do not fall into this category, or at least when it comes to clothing shopping.

shopping 2 shopping

  I do, however, love to grocery shop!  I could spend hours in Whole Foods examining every label, and I’ve been known to plan a road trip just to shop at Trader Joe’s!  Yup, I’m that kind of shopper.

shopping 3

Upon my last visit to Whole Foods I found some lovely new items that I think you should all know about…

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Chocolate Peppermint

Loving Peppermint Superfood

If you remember, I do love to use Amazing Grass Cocoa in everything from smoothies  to oatmeal.  With Christmas just around the corner I love the taste of peppermint in everything, and if it’s healthy, that’s even merrier. hehe.  I’m thinking superfood Chocolate Peppermint Brownies???

RAW Protein  Marley Coffee

Mocha Mint Shake
Mocha Mint Shake

When I use protein powders, I typically choose vanilla because it’s a great base to which you can add whatever flavors/extracts you’d like.  However, I can’t refuse a good sale.  50% off!!! Heck yes!  And how does it taste you might ask… AWESOME!  Buy it, you’ll love it.  Again, it’s another one of those things you can toss in your smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, WHATEVER!

and lastly,

Way Better Snacks (Pumpkin Cranberry Tortilla Chips)

Loving Way Better Snacks

I first tried these after having found them at World Market.  After having finished the entire bag with lots of hummus and different chutneys, I was craving more.  I didn’t feel like driving all the way down toll roads just for a bag of chips, so I didn’t. While at Whole Foods, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Way Better Snacks (2 for $5), a steal of a deal.  Buy them, try them, you won’t regret it.

Any one else pick up some new and tasty treats this week?  Happy shopping!… wherever that may be…

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