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“Amazing” Chocolate Smoothie

Want to try a quick and awesome smoothie that’s “Amazing”ly good for you?… oh, and it’s delicious, too.  So happy to have found Amazing Grass Green Superfood (cacao flavored) on sale at Whole Foods, so I celebrated by making this delightful smoothie.

Amazing Chocolate Smoothie
Amazing Chocolate Smoothie

“Amazing” Chocolate Smoothie


serves 1


  • 1 scoop Amazing Grass Superfood Cacao
  • 1 frozen banana (if it’s not frozen just add a few ice cubes to chill)
  • 1/2c pumpkin or sweet potato puree
  • 1 c almond milk
  • additional almond milk (or water) to reach preferred consistency


Pretty simple really… put ingredients in blender… blend… enjoy!

Amazin Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothies

(I tripled the recipe so I had some easy grab-and-go smoothies for two more days)

No,  I do not receive any endorsements from Amazing Grass, but I mention them because they their products are awesome… though I wouldn’t be opposed to any gifties, hehe.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Why do I love this Amazing Grass Green Superfood? Because it is a wonderful way to get a lot of your necessary fruits and vegetables in your day.  I am adamant about eating at least five servings of vegetables in my day (most days more), as well as, a few fruits.  This little blessing of superfood convenience comes in a variety of flavors but as a chocolate junkie, I’ve not really tried the others.

If I didn’t emphasize it enough, Amazing Grass makes it ridiculously convenient to sneak in your veggies and fruits!  You can just throw it in a smoothie like I’ve done here, but you can get creative, as well.

This weekend I took it with me on my mother-daughter beach vacation and it was a great addition to my morning coffee.

Cocoa Beach toes in the sand

And  a few months back I took some individual packets on my family cruise.  It was so good mixed with my morning oatmeal and sliced fruit.

Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise prep disney cruise with the family

Do you have any quick breakfast ideas?  Has anyone tried another tasty superfood?  Ever try any of the other Amazing Grass products?


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