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Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich

What an incredible week I’ve had.  Not so much work (though I do like my job) but rather the awesome dates I had this week.  [Same guy, lol, no worries].  A little indoor skydiving… Ethiopian food… World of Beer… Food trucks…. great nights .




Great nights = late nights.  These late nights  caused me to ignore the fact that I might be getting sick.   Well sickness finally kicked in the night before my mudrun.  I never get sick, so the fact that I could hardly walk a straight line sort of annoyed me.  Not running at all might have been an option but nope, I ran anyway.  This was probably my toughest race.  The race itself was not difficult, but the fact I might have passed out any moment was the real challenge.


After the race, I had another great date, this time with my couch on which I finally passed out.  Feeling sick not only stopped me from really competing but kept me from playing around in the kitchen, too.  Though I did still put together a little  something with the leftovers in my freezer, welcome the Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich.

Apple pie ice cream sandwiches
Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich (V, GF)

Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich



ginger cookies

Grab two soft baked ginger cookies and put a scoop of apple pie ice cream between the two.  Sandwich it together and enjoy the perfect ice cream sandwich for the Fall.  Of course my Sweet Fall Ice Cream would be a treat, too!

sweet potato ice cream

The ice cream sandwich was perfect for this sick gal.  The cookies were soft and the ginger definitely helps when you’re nauseated (it’s even better when you’re not).  And the ice cream worked as a great cooling agent for a sore throat… yes, I am trying to build a case for dessert as medicine.

So overall, eat dessert, run even when you’re sick because sometimes it’s worth it.


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