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“Chocolate Caramel Nut Butter”

After a late night, I’m running a little low on energy but I find that a workout always leaves me feeling more energized rather than burned out.  I spent a little time reading my Bible this morning (a little Hebrews to start the day off right) and then it was gym time.  A lot of biking and some weighted up hill running felt great! [I explained the importance of weight resistance in this post]

bikram you

With all that extra running, I was running late for work.  I’d already packed my lunch but sadly I didn’t have a whole lot of time to whip up a mid day snack! Gotta have a snack, right?  I decided to toss together 1T peanut flour and 1T carob powder with just a little over 1 tablespoon of water, stirred, and had the most delicious peanut buttery, caramely, chocolatey butter (or syrup depending how much water you add).

Chocolate Caramel Butter
“Chocolate Caramel” Butter

Can I just say I want to eat this chocolate/caramel/nut butter with everything!?  Instead of actually eating everything, I narrowed it down to some fresh figs and left over roasted acorn squash I’d warmed in the microwave at work.  Can wait to try this on some baked plantains… yum….

“Chocolate Caramel Nut Butter” (V, GF)


  • carob powder
  • peanut flour (or PB2 but that will be sweet)
  • water


Sift together equal parts carob powder and peanut flour.  Stir in water slowly until it is the consistency you prefer.

This sauce, nut butter, whatever you want to call it is great as a spread, a dip and if you sub that water with a liquid sweetener you’ll have a fantastic dessert frosting or glaze.

If you don’t have peanut flour (or PB2) try substituting your favorite nut butter and just ease up on the water.  If you don’t have carob powder, you could use cacao but you won’t have the amazing caramel undertones it creates in this spread.  Carob and chocolate are not the same.  They are, however, equally awesome.

fri cacao

What snacks are you loving this week?  Any awesome workouts or races coming up this weekend?

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